Finally – Fast Casual Food That is Healthy

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It is finally here and rapidly spreading across the nation. A new healthy fast casual food trend which provides savvy customers with high-quality food in a quick-service model has been spotted in many Millennial focused areas like downtown New York.

The trend is also happening in San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Houston and Chicago because of recent influxes in technology, energy and manufacturing jobs that are attracting Millennials. These Millennials love living the Millennial lifestyle, but rely on high paying jobs to keep their pricey habits afloat.

When can we expect this trend to spread to less densely populated urban markets like Phoenix?

Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are currently driving the next stage of “meals away from home” to the masses in markets like Phoenix. For the trend to really take off locally or in other similar downtown markets, an influx in high-paying technology jobs must be made available to the highly selective Millennial crowd.

If those jobs become available, discerning Millennials will spend more money on concepts like Hu Kitchen which offers busy New Yorkers fresh, whole foods, organic meats and vegetables, a “Mash Bar” for creating snack bowls of coconut cream, chia pudding, and berries, and a wide selection of snacks like kale chips, dark chocolate, and green juices to make eating during work hours more nutritious.

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