Complimentary Hotel Foodservice Is Profitable

HC&L and Sysco are putting many independent hotels into the complimentary foodservice business. Complimentary foodservice offerings at Limited-Service and Extended Stay hotels enable owner/operators to significantly raise their room rates throwing more profit to the bottom line.

Many Limited-Service hotel brands offer both a complimentary Breakfast Buffet, as well as Afternoon Reception. In addition, these hotels also provide all day Coffee and Tea service, Cookies, and Grab N’ Go snack packs. This foodservice investment amounts to $5-$10 per guest, per day, but can double an independent hotel’s average daily rate.

HC&L provides hotels with all of the food and non-food product categories and competitive pricing necessary to compete in the local marketplace. These product categories include Coffee, Juice, Chilled, Baked, Fresh, and Hot products for Breakfast, as well as Beverage, Snack, and Appetizer products for Afternoon Receptions. Additional non-food product categories include Paper & Plastic, Cleaning & Sanitation, and Display & Equipment products.

Hotels can learn more about complimentary foodservice through contacting HC&L or their local Sysco distributor, as well as attending HC&L’s Special Event Series For Limited-Service Hotels. HC&L events also provide attending hotels with recommendations on how to effectively promote their complimentary foodservice offerings through local website marketing, public relations, and social media.

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